To kill an MP3 legend: the death of the iPod Classic

iPod Classic

This felt important enough to justify its own blog post, separate from today’s other Apple news. A revision of Apple’s site reveals that the long-overdue has finally happened: Apple’s stopped selling the iPod Classic, the last of its iconic 2000s-era clickwheel iPods. The iPod Classic was the direct descendant of the original iPod, introduced on October 23, … Read more

My thoughts on the new iPhone 5 and iPod line revamp

MacBook Air on a table

Today’s big tech news is Apple announcing its latest new iPhone model, the “iPhone 5.” The folks from Cupertino also announced new iPod revisions, plus a revamp of iTunes. As seen below, this year’s iPod theme might well be “the Wonderful World of Color (MP3 Players).” TechCrunch summarizes everything from today here. My initial thoughts … Read more

Tech thoughts, early edition: Apple’s iPhone 4S/iOS 5 news (and other tidbits)

MacBook Air on a table

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave Apple’s first post-Steve Jobs keynote address, announcing the new updates for Apple’s portable media/mobile phone products. However, the announcements were less than exciting, being mostly incremental upgrades and some emphasis on the new cloud-based features. A full summary of today’s announcements are on Engadget. My observations: The iPhone … Read more

Apple’s 2010 iPod announcements, plus my thoughts

MacBook Air on a table

Today was Apple’s annual new iPod announcements. While I’ll have to see the new iPods in person at the Apple Store to fully gauge what they’ll be like, I thought I’d analyze on what was announced today, model-by-model. (All prices in US dollars). General information on today’s Apple announcements: iPod Shuffle The iPod … Read more