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RIP Macworld magazine

Updated on December 10, 2021

MacworldAlong with the death of the iPod Classic this week comes news of another longtime Apple-related stalwart’s end. Macworld magazine, the longtime Apple/Mac monthly newsmagazine, is calling it quits as a print version. November’s issue will be Macworld’s final print edition; after that, only its website version will remain. Along with the end of Macworld’s run comes a sizable number of staff layoffs, as well. The news was given on Thursday, the day after Apple’s big keynote address.

I’ve enjoyed reading Macworld for years, but the writing was on the wall for some time. Its PC counterpart, PC World, shifted to a web-only version awhile ago. Also, with the rapid changes in technology, waiting a month to read about tech news in a magazine isn’t as appealing as just going to the same magazine’s website. I assume Macworld should do fine as a website-only outlet, as its website’s been fairly popular for years.

As for remaining Mac-related magazines, the only major North American one left on newsstands is Mac|Life, and who knows how long its lifespan has left. There’s a few Mac magazines I’ve seen carried at Barnes & Noble, but they’re UK magazines. I’ve also seen a few magazines related to the iPhone, or smartphones in general.


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