Christmas specials: “Casper’s First Christmas”

Casper's First Christmas

The next entry in my series on minor holiday specials is “Casper’s First Christmas,” a 1979 half-hour special animated by Hanna-Barbera. This special crossed over Casper the Friendly Ghost with Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and several other classic Hanna-Barbera characters. Background The plot of this special sees Casper and a ghost friend of his, “Hairy … Read more

Christmas specials: “Yogi’s First Christmas”

Yogi's First Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas specials as a kid was “Yogi’s First Christmas,” a 1980 Hanna-Barbera special. Background “Yogi’s First Christmas” tells how Yogi and Boo-Boo (who usually hibernate through the holidays) stay awake long enough to celebrate the holiday for the first time. H-B regulars Huckleberry Hound, Augie Doggie, Doggy Daddy, and Snagglepuss, all … Read more

Christmas TV specials 2010: ‘Tis the season we make contact

MacBook, notepad, and iPhone

Christmas season 2010 has arrived, and this year we make contact with the traditional spate of holiday TV specials. (Yes, I know… but only another month or so to use up my remaining pointless “2010: The Year We Make Contact” puns…) My local paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, recently published a schedule (all times CT) … Read more

Black Friday sales are finally here (such as they are)

MacBook Air on a table

Thursday here in these United States is Thanksgiving, our annual holiday for family get-togethers, eating food by the metric ton, and these days, bargain sales the day after. I’m currently visiting family (so posts here will be infrequent until I’m back home). Like much of the country, I’ll also be hitting the “Black Friday” sales … Read more

Comic review: Darkwing Duck #6

Comic books

This month’s issue of “Darkwing Duck” sees the story’s action ramped up. We see Darkwing tries to reassure St. Canard (at a press conference) that he’s not the one responsible for the odd alternate-Darkwings showing up and running rampant, nor the strange happenings with St. Canard’s water (the latter setting up a future storyline). Meanwhile, … Read more

New Archie magazine, “Veronica and Betty,” to debut in 2011

Comic book shop display

Archie’s “turning it up to 11” in 2011! (Yeah, I know, but I need something to replace the soon-to-end 2010 “year we make contact” puns/bide time until I can make “end of the world in 2012” jokes) Or in this case, Archie Comics is coming out with a second magazine next year to go along … Read more

Things to do after a fresh Ubuntu Linux install (a reasonably-user-friendly guide)

MacBook Air on a table

After upgrading via a fresh install to the newest version of Ubuntu Linux (most recently to the newest version, 10.10/”Maverick Meerkat”), I always customize it to my liking. Of course, this involves installing my favorite programs, along with making sure the proper codecs and preferences are all set. While everyone has their own preferences, I … Read more

Wall-to-wall wallpaper sources for your computer (or iPhone/Palm Pre)

MacBook Air on a table

Most computer users, of course, are interested in customizing their desktops with their favorite wallpaper. However, there’s an overwhelming number of sites to choose from, some offering better quality backgrounds than others. Here’s several sites that provide sources of quality desktop wallpaper: MacDesktops: While it’s dedicated to providing wallpaper for Mac users, users of other … Read more