Cartoons at the box office: Cap’s shield still mighty, “Rio 2” holds onto third place

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Captain America: The Winter SoldierFor the third weekend in a row, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” rules the box office. The sequel took $25.6 million, and has earned $200.5 million to date. I’d expect all those who oppose Cap’s shield to yield at least until “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” opens in two weeks. Overseas, “Winter Soldier” has earned $385.1 million, for a global total of $585.6 million. I don’t know what its ultimate domestic total will be like, but its international total’s already surpassed “Man of Steel,” no doubt to DC/Warner Bros.’ chagrin. Though WB/DC might want to note that “Winter Soldier”‘s success shows one can make an exciting film starring a cheerful, optimistic hero, without sullying said hero’s positive aspects.

Meanwhile, “Rio 2” came in third place (just narrowly behind #2, hardcore religious-appeasing film “Heaven is for Real”), earning $22.2 million, with a total domestic take so far of $75 million. Overseas, the film’s taken in an impressive $199.7 million, for a global total of $274.7 million. “Rio 3” might seem likely at some future point.

The various new films opening finally saw “Muppets Most Wanted” and “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” exit the top ten, and thus my tracking of such. While “Peabody” seems to have done OK (a global take of $257.8 million), “Muppets” likely will be seen as disappointing (globally, it’s earned $63.1 million), despite not being a flop.

Finally, “Amazing Spider-Man 2” has earned $47 million so far overseas. Box Office Mojo doesn’t have available the film’s production budget, but I’m sure it’ll do well internationally.


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