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Cartoons at the box office: Cap’s shield finally yields, “Winter Soldier” captures second place

Captain America: The Winter SoldierAs the headline notes, Captain America’s mighty shield has finally found something that wouldn’t yield, and it’s not a superhero. Instead, it’s the comedy “The Other Woman,” about a trio of women who get back at an unfaithful boyfriend somehow cheating on all three of them at once. As such, “The Winter Soldier” came in second place at the box office, earning $16 million for a total domestically of $224.9 million. Internationally, it’s taken $420.3 million, earning $645.2 million globally. Forbes thinks “Winter Soldier” should be within reach of “Man of Steel”‘s global total of $668 million; wouldn’t be surprised to see it easily surpass Supes’ film.

Meanwhile, “Rio 2” has dropped to fourth place, earning $13.7 million for a domestic total of $96.2 million. However, its international total is $247.8 million and growing, for a global total of $344 million. While “Rio 2” should break even here, it’s a much bigger hit overseas.

Finally, “Frozen” has finally crossed $400 million domestically. Its global take is $1.14 billion dollars, ranking as the sixth top-grossing film globally of all time (not adjusted for inflation).

Next weekend sees “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” open domestically. It’s earned $132 million overseas so far.

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