New Lois Lane young adult novel due in 2016

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Updated on March 19, 2023

I commented some time ago about author Gwenda Bond getting to write a young adult novel about Lois Lane. Titled “Fallout,” it focused on a teenage Lois adjusting to life in Metropolis after her family finally moved there. The book’s received positive reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Now comes word that Bond will be writing a sequel to “Fallout.” The new Lois Lane novel, titled “Double Down,” focuses more on Lois’ fledgling journalism career, as well as uncovering the seedier side of Metropolis. Here’s the book’s description (from Bond’s website):

Lois Lane has settled in to her new school. She has friends, for maybe the first time in her life. She has a job that challenges her. And her friendship is growing with SmallvilleGuy, her online maybe-more-than-a-friend. But when her friend Maddy’s twin collapses in a part of town she never should’ve been in, Lois finds herself embroiled in a dangerous mystery that brings her closer to the dirty underbelly of Metropolis.

Here’s the book cover art:

Lois Lane: Double Down
“Lois Lane: Double Down.”

“Double Down” is due out on May 1, 2016.

Will you be reading this novel? Did you enjoy the first book?

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