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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Linda Park, a long-running character in DC Comics’ “The Flash.” Linda first appeared in “Flash” (vol. 2) #28 in July 1989. She was created by writer William Messner-Loebs and artist Greg LaRocque.


Linda, born in Chicago to a third-generation family of Korean descent, works as a television reporter. She eventually became employed in Keystone City. There, she first met the third Flash, Wally West, while covering a story on property damage he’d caused while fighting a foe.

She met Wally again on a few other occasions. Linda at first found Wally arrogant and self-centered, but soon grew fonder of Wally, and vice-versa. (Wally maturing might’ve also helped.) The two soon began steadily dating, and, after living together for a period of time, eventually married.

Wally’s love for Linda was supposedly considered an “anchor” that helped bring Wally back from the Speed Force. The Speed Force is a 90s-era retcon that’s the extra-dimensional energy force where all Flash-style speedsters in DC Comics get their powers.

Later stories showed Linda and Wally eventually having twin children, Iris and Jai, who both get superpowers. Said stories saw Linda and the kids get involved in more Speed Force-related hijinks.

Other media

Outside of comics, Linda’s first media appearance was in the pilot for the 1990 “The Flash” live-action series. However, she had no relationship with Barry Allen, that show’s Flash.

Linda later appeared in “Justice League Unlimited.” Kim Mai Guest voiced Linda.

Linda’s most recent media appearances are in The CW series “Arrow” and “The Flash.” The latter actually sees Linda briefly dating Barry Allen (again this show’s Flash).

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