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Updated on March 25, 2023

Here’s a look at what graphic novels of interest are coming out in March 2022.

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Chef's Kiss graphic novel
“Chef’s Kiss.” Art by Danica Brine. (Oni Press)

“Chef’s Kiss,” by Jarrett Melendez and Danica Brine, is a queer graphic novel about Ben, a college student who develops a crush on Liam, the chef at his new job. The graphic novel is published by Oni Press, who’ve published some other LGBTQ-friendly graphic novels, under the “Limerence Press” banner.

“The Poorcraft Cookbook” is a follow-up to two previous entries in the “Poorcraft” series, all of which offer tips on how to live comfortably on a tight budget. This volume addresses cooking, of course. The book was crowdfunded via Iron Circus’ own website, as part of a general user exodus from Kickstarter. The crowdfunding site has expressed plans on getting involved with blockchain technology, even despite its users’ protests.

DC this month is releasing its final issue in “Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries,” which seems to be a gathering of everyone for the final story, including Batgirl, Nightwing, and Ace the Bat-Hound. Also out in time for the May release of the “DC League of Super-Pets” movie (starring Krypto and Ace) is “Tails of the Super-Pets,” a trade paperback collecting various Silver Age super-pet stories.

Marvel’s solicitations for March, meanwhile, list several Miles Morales collections, including a pair of omnibus editions (at $100 each).

Image from “Chef’s Kiss.” Art by Danica Brine. (Oni Press)


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