“Love and Capes” miniseries coming in February 2011

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Love and Capes #7
Art by Thom Zahler.

Coming in February is the first issue of the five-part “Love and Capes” miniseries, released by its new publisher, IDW.

Love and Capes” is a comic by Thom Zahler about the life, romantic and otherwise, of a couple named Mark and Abby. However, Mark happens to also be the world’s greatest superhero, the Crusader (a Superman-like hero). Other characters round out the series, including the Crusader’s best friend, Darkblade (a Batman-like hero, if Batman were African-American), Abby’s sister (who helps run Abby’s bookstore), Mark’s ex-girlfriend Amazonia (a Wonder Woman analogue), and so on. The comic is quite fun, full of humor as well as sentimental moments between the happy couple. And yes, they are a happy couple; no “I’m breaking up with you” DC or Marvel style melodramatics here.

The art is also bright and colorful looking, conveying the series’ tone well. The series progresses over the dating life of Mark and Abby, from being boyfriend and girlfriend to getting engaged to finally getting married, with Abby adjusting to Mark’s superhero life, and all the pros and cons that brings. I liked the “pro” of Abby being able to get (via Mark’s super-speed) In and Out burgers at any time, despite the characters living in the Midwest (a fictional city in Ohio).

I was pleased to get to meet Mr. Zahler at his table at the first C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) in April. He also offered to autograph some of the back issues I bought at his table. (My comic shop doesn’t seem to carry “Love and Capes.”)

12 of the first 13 issues have been collected in two trade paperbacks, both of which are on sale at Amazon.com:

  • Volume 1, collecting issues #1-6.
  • Volume 2, collecting issues #7-12.

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