Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for February 2011

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Veronica #205 coverOn the heels of the Marvel and DC posts come my picks for Archie for February 2011. As usual, two dates are given, in order of comic shop and newsstand availability respectively.

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Archie & Friends #152, on sale Feb. 9/Feb. 22, $3
  • Life With Archie #8, on sale Feb. 23/Mar. 8, $4
  • Veronica #205, on sale Mar. 2/Mar. 15, $3

Comics I might consider buying

  • Betty & Veronica #252, on sale Feb. 16/Mar. 1, $3
  • Betty & Veronica Double Digest #188, on sale Feb. 9/Feb. 22, $4


Openly gay Riverdale newcomer Kevin Keller’s back (albeit in March), with the description citing Kevin and Veronica as “inseparable.” Though from that cover, you’d think someone as rich as Ronnie would have call-waiting. I assume we’ll also be hearing more eventually about Archie’s planned miniseries for 2011 featuring Kevin…

As exciting as Kevin’s return is another character’s return, Sabrina Spellman in “Archie & Friends.” Per the Archie solicitations page’s description of the story:

Waist-expanding events [in “Jughead” #200] haven’t taught Jughead that food and magic don’t mix. So, when he seeks help from Sabrina, she tries to teach him there is more to love than food. But her spell backfires and Jughead falls head over heels for Sabrina instead!

As Salem sarcastically (but hilariously) described it in an episode of the live-action sitcom, “it looks like the spell went wrong in an unexpected way. How unusual.” I’ve been hoping to see a followup to “Jughead” #200 (Sabrina telling one of the core Archie characters she’s a witch is too good to leave aside as a one-off bit), though I also hope Sabrina or the Aunts don’t give Jughead a memory-wipe by adventure’s end.

Tempted to get “Betty & Veronica” just for the Facebook-analogue-pun-name, “In-your-Face-book,” which might sum up Facebook’s nature these days. I notice as well it’s also a change from Archie’s previous Facebook pun-name, “Spacebook.” Guess MySpace’s drop in popularity equals being dropped from even being noted by Archie (who’s sometimes been accused of being a bit slow at parodying certain pop culture trends, though recent issues have corrected this).

Chuck Clayton appears in a story in “Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest,” pondering what it is the two titular characters have in common. While of course Chuck is a friend of the girls, from the digest’s title (and featuring a storyline about Cheryl Blossom), I’d figure Chuck’s girlfriend Nancy would be a more likely star.

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