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Anthony’s picks for Marvel Comics for February 2011

What I’ll be perusing from Marvel Comics for February 2011:


Comics I’ll be buying:

  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #11, $3
  • Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #11, $3
  • Super Hero Squad Spectacular #1, $4

Comics I’ll consider buying:



Pleased to see that “Super Hero Squad” apparently isn’t (completely?) dead yet. A 48-page special issue is coming out, featuring the heroes doing a “Squad” version of the classic 80s story “Secret Wars.” Hopefully this mass Squaddie gathering will include new members She-Hulk, Wasp and Tigra…

“Spider-Man” sees an appearance by classic foe the Lizard, while “Super Heroes” features Captain America fighting… an army of Bigfoots? (“Bigfeet”?) Sounds crazy, but guess it’s the freedom to write that results when you’re not encumbered by some massive crossover-du-jour…

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