Google plans to unlink Google+ from its services

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Google’s recent moves to decouple Photos from Google+ isn’t the only Google+ news. Google announced on its blog earlier today that the search engine giant also plans to unlink Google+ as a requirement for its various other services, starting with YouTube comments. YouTube comment users hated the shift to requiring Google+ for comments, so they’ll presumably be pleased at going back to the old way of doing things. Not that the Google+ requirement put much of a dent into YouTube comments being a miniature version of 4chan, but online bigoted meatheads will be thrilled to have one less obstacle to deal with.

Assuming Google doesn’t make Google+ suffer the fate of Google Reader, this should leave Google+ as mainly focused on being a social network, especially its thriving community forums. It also assures that Facebook won’t be unseated as everyone’s favorite social network anytime soon, in spite of complaints about Facebook. (It certainly won’t be Ello.)

My Google+ profile is staying up, of course. However, I’ll also try to do more to promote my Facebook page, despite that I get much more traffic to the blog from Google+ than Facebook.

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