Manga, “Cat Kid” top the February 2021 NY Times graphic novel best seller list

Cat Kid Comic Club

Updated on December 10, 2021

It’s time to look at the New York Times graphic novel best sellers list for February 2021.

The top five best sellers

  1. “Cat Kid Comic Club,” by Dav Pilkey (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  2. “My Hero Academia,” vol. 26, by Kohei Horikoshi (Amazon, Kobo)
  3. “Baby-Sitters Little Sister: Karen’s Worst Day,” by Ann M. Martin and Katy Farina (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  4. “New Kid,” by Jerry Craft (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  5. “Guts,” by Raina Telgemeier (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)

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“Cat Kid” is still #1

Once again, the “Dog Man” spin-off “Cat Kid” tops the best seller list. The popularity of this franchise is still strong in 2021. News came recently that a “Dog Man” animated feature film is in production by DreamWorks. Directing the film is Peter Hastings, of 90s Warner Bros. cartoons fame (“Animaniacs,” “Pinky and the Brain”).

“My Hero Academia” is still the top superhero series

The popular “My Hero Academia” manga is also still the top superhero series. (Once again, the “Big Two” of DC/Marvel are no-shows.) “Academia” made three spots on this month’s list. Manga series overall takes six of the 15 spots.

Another month of success for Jerry Craft’s graphic novels

Jerry Craft’s graphic novels “New Kid” and “Class Act” have made yet another appearance on the best seller list (at #4 and #6 respectively).

I recently read “New Kid,” and enjoyed it. It’s the kind of book I wish existed when I was the protagonist’s age, even if I grew up in different surroundings (a small town versus the nation’s biggest city, etc.) and, well, a different decade. The sketchbook “asides” are amusing (though I’d argue Batman does have some friends—Superman?). I also liked the touchstones of African American culture vs “mainstream” culture, such as the sweet potato pie part (I’ve had to explain what that is, too).

Image from “Cat Kid Comic Club.” Art by Dav Pilkey. (Scholastic)


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