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Updated on August 7, 2022

Once again, it’s time for my annual post on my favorite podcasts of 2021. Note I’ve covered some of these earlier this year with my posts on my favorite LGBTQ podcast creators and favorite Black podcast creators.

Podcast software

On my Mac, I use the default Apple Podcasts app to listen to podcasts. (I’m using it right now while writing this post.) The same goes for my iPad and iPhone, as I’ve mostly gone into Apple’s ecosystem at home.

On Windows 10, I use iTunes, which also syncs to Apple Podcasts. For some reason, Apple hasn’t yet shut down iTunes on Windows.

I haven’t used podcasts on Linux for awhile, but I’d use my music player for such. On Linux Mint, that’d be Rhythmbox.

Favorite podcasts by LGBTQ creators

I wrote more about these favorites in my previous post.

  • It’s Been a Minute
  • MEGASheen
  • Welcome to Night Vale

Favorite podcasts by Black creators

I wrote more about these favorites in my previous post.

  • Code Switch
  • It’s Been a Minute (again)
  • MEGASheen (again)
  • Revision Path

All Songs Considered

NPR sign
“NPR headquarters” by James Cridland is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Flickr / cropped from original)


NPR’s weekly podcast, featuring the most noteworthy or interesting songs of the week. It won’t sound like what’s on commercial radio; it’s more like a podcast version of Seattle’s alternative/indie radio station KEXP. However, the podcast features a variety of genres.

Deep in Bear Country


Deep in Bear Country is a podcast by Phil Gonzales about the long-running series of Berenstain Bears books. Each episode features a different book in the series. The podcast also gives Gonzales’ thoughts on both the story and the topic covered.

Factually! With Adam Conover


Adam Conover (from TV’s “Adam Ruins Everything”) has started his own podcast, where he interviews an expert on a different subject each episode. Topics covered include climate change, antitrust laws, self-driving cars, and privacy issues in modern tech.



Films(trips) is a podcast by Andrew Kannegiesser and Dave Babbitt, a pair of Canadian hosts who review a wide range of movies. While all film genres are covered, the main criteria is that the next episode’s film must have a tie to the previous episode’s film (the same directors, actors, etc.). An example is following Richard Pryor’s “Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling” with “Harlem Nights” (a film starring Pryor, plus some other African American comedy greats).

FLOSS Weekly


FLOSS Weekly is a podcast covering Linux and other open source technology. The podcast is part of the This Week in Tech (TWIT) family of podcasts.

Molly of Denali

Molly of Denali
“Molly of Denali.” (PBS)


The PBS Kids animated series “Molly of Denali” is about a 10-year-old Alaskan Native girl and her adventures in her fictional Alaskan village of Qyah. An audio podcast based on the series was made, featuring several original storylines:

  • How Molly adopted her pet dog, Suki, and how her family took over the town’s general store, the Denali Trading Post.
  • A dog sled race held near Qyah.
  • Molly and her friend Trini solving a mystery on a train heading to the Alaska State Fair.

On the Media


“On the Media” is a weekly public radio program by WNYC in New York. The podcast covers issues about American media, including journalism, corporate media, how the press covers some topics (like racism), etc.

This Week in Tech


A long-running tech podcast about major technology news each week. Admittedly, it’s also long in run time; each episode’s typically over two hours long. Fortunately, a popular podcast player feature is adjustable playback speed.

TWIT also has a number of spin-off podcasts covering different topics: Mac OS, Windows, Linux/open source, security, programming, etc.

The Vergecast


The Vergecast is a podcast by the tech site The Verge. The podcast covers each week’s major tech news, plus offers some reviews of new products.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!


NPR’s long-running panel quiz show airs every Saturday, covering the week’s major events. The show also features celebrity panelists for one quiz segment, “Not My Job.” As of this writing, it’s also the only major quiz show NPR has left; September 2021 saw the cancellation of “Ask Me Another.”

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

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