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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

This week’s “favorite blogs and websites” entry is Flickr’s Creative Commons page.

Flickr’s Creative Commons page lists various user-posted photographs that’re licensed under one of several Creative Commons licenses. Given the popularity of Flickr for professional/amateur photographers or for large amounts of image storing (casual mobile phone-using photographers seem to have flocked to Instagram or Facebook instead), that means there’s plenty of available images. Plus, being Creative Commons licensed means there’s plenty of images one can choose from for uses such as illustrating blog posts, etc., without worrying about whether or not it’s OK to use an image found.

That said, many of the images are licensed under the more restrictive Creative Commons licenses (the noncommercial ones in particular), though there’s plenty that are available under more liberal licenses such as the “Attribution-only” license.

I’ve licensed most of my uploaded photos on Flickr to Creative Commons, under the Attribution-NonCommercial license (similar to the Attribution-only license, but only for non-commercial use). One such example is the image used in this post, the downtown branch of the Boston Public Library.

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