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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

I thought I’d try out this idea for a series of new blog posts: writing about my favorite blogs and websites. Some of the sites are listed in the blogroll/links section in the sidebar.

Today’s “favorite blogs and websites” entry is Heather Clitheroe’s Lectio.ca. A resident of Calgary, Alberta in Canada, Heather runs a personal blog that focuses on her graduate school studies, plus her interests in writing, literature (particularly the horror genre), and knitting. Lectio.ca also focuses on aspects of life in Calgary, a city I’ve never been to (my visits to Canada have been limited to the Windsor/Detroit area, Toronto, and Montreal).

As Heather’s blog’s subtitle says, “expect lots of talk about term papers.” There’s a lot of analysis of what she’s reading, or the topic she’s researching/writing about. Some of it is rather complex or difficult to understand, but it’s still interesting to read Heather’s thoughts.

Two recurring features of Heather’s blog are her “Friday sandwiches” and her annual trip to the Banff Centre (yes, Canadian/British spelling of “Center”). The former is a weekly photograph of a sandwich Heather has, usually accompanied with a mention of what book she’s reading at the time. The latter involves a running analysis of Heather’s week-long annual stays at the Banff Centre, an arts, cultural, and educational facility located in scenic rural Banff, Alberta. Heather takes said trips to focus on her writing, though she’ll write about the center’s aspects; Banff sounds quite pleasant. Unrelated to Heather, but Banff’s “Banff Squirrel” Twitter feed, promoting tourism in Banff, is pretty funny. Apparently, it was spun off from an Internet meme.

An infrequent, but still present, feature of Lectio.ca is Heather’s knitting hobby, which sometimes gets mentioned (or photographed).

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