Favorite blogs and websites: Lectio.ca

MacBook, notepad, and iPhone

I thought I’d try out this idea for a series of new blog posts: writing about my favorite blogs and websites. Some of the sites are listed in the blogroll/links section in the sidebar. Today’s “favorite blogs and websites” entry is Heather Clitheroe’s Lectio.ca. A resident of Calgary, Alberta in Canada, Heather runs a personal … Read more

2011 on Anthony’s Notes: Writing

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The final entry in the 2011 year-in-review series is “writing.” While there’s not a lot of non-blog related writing to report, I am still proud to report on what I’ve done: An article I wrote about Liferea (a Linux newsfeed reader) was published in Ubuntu User magazine. It’s the only paper magazine publication I’ve had … Read more

New article on KeePassX published in January 2012 issue of “Linux Journal”

MacBook Air on a table

Kicking off the new year, I thought I’d report that an article I’ve written has been published in this month’s issue of “Linux Journal” magazine. While “Linux Journal” was once a paper publication, it’s now an electronic-only monthly magazine. The article I wrote is about KeePassX, a multi-platform password management program. While the article’s only … Read more

I’m listed in the Ubuntu Software Center! (Sort of.)

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While installing software a short while ago, I discovered Ubuntu User magazine is now offering digital copies (at the same price as the newsstand ones) through the Ubuntu Software Center. That, of course, is the user-friendly application installation program included in Ubuntu (and its Ubuntu-based siblings). Under the description for issue #5 is a listing … Read more

Liferea article to appear in newest issue of Ubuntu User magazine

MacBook Air on a table

I’ve got another article appearing in the latest issue of “Ubuntu User” magazine, the magazine dedicated to the popular Linux distribution. While the article isn’t available online, issue #8 will be available on newsstands March 11 in North America and April 11 in Australia. Meanwhile, it’s been available for several weeks in Europe. The article … Read more