Blog status update (November 2018): The return of the “hire me” page

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Updated on August 27, 2022

Once again, it’s time for yet another blog status update. At least, for those not following said updates on my Twitter feed.

It feels like the blog’s been through a lot over the past month or so:

  • The biggest change of course has been the switch of web hosts. So far, Digital Ocean’s working well, especially after I fixed a few early issues. Adding a swap file to the virtual private server’s Ubuntu installation fixed some memory/crashing issues. There’s also finding alternate options for email, as even Digital Ocean urges users to not try installing a full-fledged mail server. (And they were right. I’m using a mix of webmail services instead.)
  • I’ve swapped out a few of the plugins and features for more lightweight ones. I dropped the thumbnails from the popular posts in the sidebar in favor of simple ordered lists.
  • That said, I’ve also had to add a few new plugins. One plugin is to avoid posts not being published at their scheduled time. I’ve also brought back the featured posts sidebar list, a rotating selection of five posts I’d like to highlight.
  • I apparently stopped using Google+ just in time, as Google is shuttering the ultimately unsuccessful social network.

The “hire me” page returns

Another change has been revamping my portfolio page, as well as bringing back the “hire me” page.

Without going too far off-topic, I’m currently looking for a new full-time job. My current job’s company didn’t have their contract with the state renewed, and thus is winding down operations in several months.

Given those reasons, I thought reviving the “hire me” page might be worthwhile. It’s basically a page advertising my services as a writer and creator of online content. While I’d prefer full-time permanent work, I’ll also consider freelance and/or part-time work.


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