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Updated on December 10, 2021

I’ve written about TuneIn once before, back when I used a Palm Pre (running WebOS). Given it’s been a few years, I thought I’d write about it again…

TuneIn is a radio station app for Android that allows one to listen to a broad range of radio stations from around the world, as long as they offer online streaming. The range of stations to choose from is quite broad, ranging from top 40 music to public radio stations (NPR, CBC, etc.) to sports coverage.

TuneIn also offers the same features as in its WebOS incarnation: bookmarking favorite stations, etc. Additionally, the Android incarnation comes in two versions: a free version (with ads), and a pay version named “TuneIn Pro,” which costs 99 cents (US). Besides the lack of ads, Pro also offers the ability to record broadcasts.

I use TuneIn to listen to NPR stations from around the country, as well as my local station, WUWM (Milwuakee Public Radio). I also sometimes listen to Canada’s CBC, as well as a few sporting events when on the go (Blackhawks games on WGN, etc.).

TuneIn also has a website replicating the stations/features of its mobile app.


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