January 19, 2012

DC unveils a new logo, the "peel"

DC unveils a new logo, the "peel"

While it’s only been several years since DC’s last logo revision, apparently DC corporate felt a need for a better logo for the openings to its Batman movies or smartphone apps, TV cartoons, merchandise, etc. Thus, they’ve decided to revamp the DC logo again… this time, coming up with what some are dubbing various names, including the “Band-Aid” or “peel”:

DC Comics "peel" logo

Can’t say I’m too impressed by the new logo (and neither are a good chunk of online comics fans), which I guess I’ll be seeing if/when I go to this year’s C2E2 in Chicago in a few months (the new logo debuts on comics around the same time, in April). Of course, I’m not wild about the current “swirl” logo, either.

While it’s not the worst one DC’s had (its mid-70s “DC block letters in a plain white circle” logo might count), it’s certainly not a favorite of mine. The new logo looks too generic to me, as if someone dashed it off in Photoshop quickly, and seems to break from the circular shaped theme that’s defined DC’s logos since the Golden Age. I’d rather DC had stuck with the “DC bullet,” its longest-lasting and best looking logo.

And yes, I didn’t list comics in that list of media properties above, since this logo change is primarily spurred by their non-comics properties, with little regard for how it’ll look on actual comic books. The comics, of course, don’t pull in as much money as the movies, etc., and as far as Time-Warner (and apparently DC Entertainment) are concerned, DC Comics’ main purpose is generating story ideas and characters for more lucrative media areas (television, movies, etc.). Which makes me wonder how sincere they were about the “New 52” reboot for attracting new readers (given how much deck-chair rearranging the “New 52” feels like), or what DC’s long-term future will be like, but that’s another blog post…

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