DC Comics finally exits New York after 80 years

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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

DC Comics, which has been in New York City since its founding in the 1930s, announced a few years ago it was moving to southern California to join the rest of the Time Warner empire’s operations, as well as DC’s digital comics side. After months of preparation, the move’s now been completed: DC’s last official day in the Big Apple was yesterday.

Various current and former DC staff, along with friends of same, have written about their memories of the company’s New York location. One such person is longtime DC editor and writer Paul Levitz, who wrote his thoughts on his Facebook page. Another, though unexpected, entity to chime in is DC’s decades-old rival, Marvel. Marvel, who’re staying put in New York, tweeted this Rocked Raccoon animated GIF:

As for DC’s long-term plans, while they plan a slight adjustment after their time-filler “Convergence” series is over, it largely sounds like business as usual… at least, for now. I expect some changes in the long-term for DC, as is the case for anyone moving cross-country. DC’s had to hire some new employees (since not everyone wants to move west), plus DC will now be physically close to their other corporate cousins within Time Warner. Also, recent sales figures for DC could be much improved.

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