“Princess Leia” is the top-selling comic for March 2015

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

March’s sales figures are in, and the top-selling comic for the second month in a row stars a woman: “Princess Leia” #1. The comic book sales rankings are listed below:

Rank Title Price Publisher Estimated Sales
1 PRINCESS LEIA #1 $3.99 Marvel 253,655
2 STAR WARS #3 $3.99 Marvel 161,226
3 GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #1 $3.99 Marvel 155,388
4 SPIDER-GWEN #2 $3.99 Marvel 107,070
5 PRINCESS LEIA #2 $3.99 Marvel 96,262
6 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16 $3.99 Marvel 92,289
7 HOWARD THE DUCK #1 $3.99 Marvel 85,929
8 DARTH VADER #3 $3.99 Marvel 85,156
9 BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT #1 $3.99 DC 73,266
10 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16.1 $3.99 Marvel 73,170

Also available are the trade paperback sales rankings:

Rank Title Price Publisher Estimated Sales
1 NEMO: RIVER OF GHOSTS HC (MR) $14.95 IDW 6,848
2 MS. MARVEL VOL. 2: GENERATION WHY TP $15.99 Marvel 5,400
3 LOW VOL. 1: THE DELIRIUM OF HOPE TP (MR) $9.99 Image 5,303
4 HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL TP $16.99 Marvel 4,846
5 SAGA VOLUME 4 TP (MR) $14.99 Image 4,492
6 DEADPOOL VOLUME 7: AXIS TP $17.99 Marvel 4,475
7 DEADPOOL’S THE ART OF WAR TP $12.99 Marvel 4,364
9 BIRTHRIGHT VOL. 1: HOMECOMING TP (MR) $9.99 Image 4,053
10 BOBS BURGERS VOL. 1 $17.99 Dynamite 3,931

“Princess Leia”‘s new series from Marvel’s proven to be popular, as the second issue of her five-issue miniseries comes in at #5. Marvel might want to consider making Leia’s book an ongoing instead of just a miniseries, given these sales figures. “Leia” sold over a quarter million issues just for #1 alone.

Three of the top five selling comics this month starred women, as “Spider-Gwen” came in at #4.

Marvel takes up nine of the top ten comics; the sole DC title is “Batman: Arkham Knight,” a print version of a digital-first book. Apparently, “Batman” #40, due out this month, has been pushed back to April (amidst “Convergence”), thus why DC’s usual top-seller’s a no-show. Meanwhile, “Howard the Duck” came in seventh place. This is the second time within a year that a talking animal-starring comic’s outsold everything from DC…and this time, Loot Crate sales aren’t to “blame.”

For trade paperbacks, “Nemo: River of Dreams” tops the list. “Nemo” is an Alan Moore-written spinoff of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and stars the daughter of Captain Nemo. Coming in second place on the sales charts is the second trade paperback of “Ms. Marvel.” Not a single DC title’s in the top 10—even cynically-kept-in-continuity-solely-for-sales-reasons stuff like “The Killing Joke” has been outsold this month by a trade of the comics version of “Bob’s Burgers.”

Unless I’m mistaken (and feel free to correct me), and since month-by-month figures for the Golden Age/Silver Age aren’t available, this might mark the first time solo female stars have topped the comic sales charts for two months in a row. It also might mark the first time solo female stars topped both the single-issue and trade paperback sales lists in a single month.

(Updated 4/13/15)

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