Scooby-Doo movie reboot, Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe coming

Future Quest #1

As bizarre as this post’s headline sounds, it’s true. Warner Bros., owners of the Hanna-Barbera library of characters, announced at last week’s CinemaCon (a trade show for the movie theater industry) that they plan to reboot the Scooby-Doo movies. There’ll be a new (presumably CGI) animated feature that’ll give the Scooby-Doo franchise a “hipper” edge. “S.C.O.O.B.,” … Read more

“The Lego Batman Movie” due in February 2017

The Lego Batman Movie

Announced some time ago, “The Lego Batman Movie” is now definitely a project going ahead by Warner Bros. There’s been various direct-to-video movies featuring a Lego Batman, but this film is a spinoff of the hit film “The Lego Movie.” “The Lego Batman Movie” will be released in February 2017, with Will Arnett voicing the blocky Dark … Read more

“Happy Birthday” is (presumably) now copyright free

Birthday cake

A federal judge has ruled this week that Warner Bros. has no claim to the copyright on the lyrics for “Happy Birthday To You,” the ubiquitous birthday song. The full details of the case and the history of the song are written up in this Variety article. The actual tune has been in public domain since 1949. … Read more

Looney Tunes is getting a direct-to-video film, “Rabbits Run”

MacBook Air on a table

On the heels of the recently announced direct-to-video animated films from Warner Bros. comes the latest one, “Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run.” In this film, Bugs Bunny is caught up in a chase for a sought-after invisibility spray, with Lola Bunny in tow. The film looks loosely based on the recently-ended “The Looney Tunes Show” setting, as the … Read more

DC’s live-action news: at long last, a Wonder Woman movie! (Also: Static Shock! Cyborg! Aquaman!)

Wonder Woman

Last week, DC and Warner Bros. announced its planned slate of live-action film projects through the end of the decade. Among the most surprising news: Wonder Woman’s finally getting a stand-alone movie! The only downside is that they also made clear that this version of Diana will be based on the not-kid-friendly New 52 version, complete … Read more

“The Flintstones” to get the big-screen treatment (and *not* by Seth MacFarlane)

The Flintstones car

News came earlier this week that “The Flintstones” will be revived as a (presumably CGI) big-screen animated film. Unlike the earlier proposed “Flintstones” revival that would’ve been spearheaded by Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” fame (which fortunately fell through), this film will be co-produced by comedian Will Ferrell. No indication what the film will be … Read more

A week of media racism, sexism, and homophobia: from superheroes to “Duck Dynasty”

Comic book shop display

While it’s not all about comics/animation, the previous week’s seen plenty of racist, sexist, and homophobic stuff in the media that I feel’s worth remarking on anyway, especially since I’m tired of repeating myself in various online forums. To wit: Scott Lobdell mistreats fellow comic creator MariNaomi Last week, a comic creator named MariNaomi wrote … Read more

Marvel announces a new comic about a Muslim teenaged girl; DC announces a TV show about Hourman

Comic book shop display

The comic book “Big Two” made two separate announcements today that couldn’t possibly be more different from each other. Marvel Marvel announced a new book coming out early next year about a new Ms. Marvel. (The former Ms. Marvel’s nowadays going by the code-name “Captain Marvel,” per Marvel’s trademark on the term.) The new Ms. … Read more

The return of “Warner Communications?”: Time Warner to spin off Time, Inc.

Time Warner building

Some might recall the big merger between Warner Communications (owners of Warner Bros. studios) and Time, Inc. (publishers of “Time,” “Life,” and other magazines) back in the late 80s. After almost 25 years of “matrimony,” it looks like Time Warner is looking to spin off its Time, Inc. side. It’s in the name of pushing its … Read more