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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Dark Horse Comics logoWhile I missed this news when it was announced back in June, Comixology has finally gained access to the last major remaining holdout comic publisher. Dark Horse Comics is now offering its books through the dominant digital comics vendor.

Until now, Dark Horse has insisted on releasing its books through its own service. Given the hefty 50% cut of sales Comixology takes off the top, I don’t blame Dark Horse for operating its own digital comic store, just as fellow publisher Image does. But again, Comixology is the dominant digital comics seller, so I can see why Dark Horse might’ve decided it’s worth extending its sales to there.

Dark Horse isn’t giving up its own digital store, which is maintaining exclusivity on single issue digital books. Comixology is only getting trade paperbacks and similar collections.

As for digital rights management (DRM), Dark Horse’s Comixology offerings still aren’t DRM-free, just as its own digital comics store remains tied to its app. As far as I can tell, the remaining DRM holdouts are: Dark Horse; DC; Marvel; Boom! Studios; Avatar Press; Zenescope; Viz (aside from their yaoi subsidiary Sublime); and part of Archaia’s line.

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