DRM state of digital comics (winter 2015-2016)

Comixology booth

Until a few years ago, the state of digital rights management (DRM) in comics wasn’t pretty. Comixology, the dominant digital comics seller, used to offer fairly restrictive digital rights management on all of its books, with no option for publishers that wanted to opt-out. While this suited the “Big Two” (DC and Marvel) just fine, obviously … Read more

Comixology and Amazon accounts to merge

Comixology booth

Amazon, the owners of dominant digital comics vendor Comixology, has announced plans to merge Comixology and Amazon accounts. While optional for now, in the future it’ll be required for Comixology users to register and log in using their Amazon accounts. In turn, Comixology users will be able to access their Kindle digital comic purchases through a new … Read more

Dark Horse single issue comics arrive on Comixology

Comic book shop display

A while ago, Dark Horse finally appeared on Comixology, the dominant digital comics store, after having been a long-time holdout. However, these were only the company’s trade paperbacks, not the single issues. That’s no longer the case. Today, Comixology announced on its Tumblr page that Dark Horse is now selling single issues on the service, … Read more

Dark Horse finally arrives on Comixology

Comic book shop display

While I missed this news when it was announced back in June, Comixology has finally gained access to the last major remaining holdout comic publisher. Dark Horse Comics is now offering its books through the dominant digital comics vendor. Until now, Dark Horse has insisted on releasing its books through its own service. Given the … Read more

Bongo Comics leaves Comixology

Treehouse of Horror 1

Bongo Comics, the company that publishes comics based on the TV show “The Simpsons,” has announced it’s no longer selling comics through Comixology. The news was confirmed by The Comics Reporter. It’s reported that Bongo will be offering its comics through an “iTunes app.” A look over Comixology’s site reveals no trace of the publisher … Read more

Women star in 7 of 10 top-selling Marvel Comixology books in March

Ms. Marvel

Digital comics sales figures are tough to come by, as for some reason, Comixology and/or publishers treat them like they’re some sort of state secret. Thus, it’s hard to tell exactly how well they’re selling, especially against traditional paper books. Still, some estimates are occasionally offered, along with actual sales rankings (if not numbers). Comixology’s … Read more

My favorite digital comic readers by operating system

Comixology Unlimited

Given my cross-platform and multiple operating system device usage, I have a fair amount of interest in software that’s compatible across multiple “eco-systems,” or “walled gardens” if you prefer. When this isn’t possible, I’ll just use the best native software available for each device. With that in mind, here’s a look at the best digital … Read more