Comic strips and webcomics I’m reading (fall 2015)

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Recently, my comic strip reading’s shifted heavily from newspaper comic strips to webcomics. Of course, I’ve been reading newspaper comics online for years, not having subscribed to a print newspaper in quite awhile. Still, my newspaper strip reading has been on a decline, between a drop in interesting newspaper strips, too many “dinosaur” strips still being published, and an increase of interesting webcomics.

While some feel the term “webcomic” is dated or shouldn’t be used, I still feel it has a use. While newspaper strips are all available for reading online, they’re still distinct enough in style, content, diversity, etc. from primarily or exclusively web-only comics that “webcomics” (for now) still has a use. That said, yes, all webcomics are comic strips—but ones with much more creative and formatting freedom.

Here’s the newspaper comic strips and webcomics I’ve been regularly reading. I’ve also included a few strips that still primarily appear in weekly “alternative” newspapers, though they’re also syndicated to various websites.

Daily newspaper comics

  • Monty
  • Pearls Before Swine

Weekly newspaper comics


That makes 13 out of 19, or over two-thirds, of the strips I’ve been reading being webcomics. Another four strips are weekly and/or alternative newspaper strips, though heavily distributed online. Only two strips are the traditional daily newspaper comic, and one of those, “Monty,” is apparently a bit obscure.

What comic strips do you read?

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