Comic strips and webcomics I’m reading (spring 2016)


It’s time for another look at what comic strips and webcomics I’m currently reading. While it’s similar to my previous list of comics last fall, there have been some changes.

Note despite several below being newspaper strips, I read all of my comic strips online. I use either the Feedly RSS reader or updates via social media to keep up with my favorite comic strips.

Comic strips and webcomics I’m reading (fall 2015)

Sunday newspaper comics

Recently, my comic strip reading’s shifted heavily from newspaper comic strips to webcomics. Of course, I’ve been reading newspaper comics online for years, not having subscribed to a print newspaper in quite awhile. Still, my newspaper strip reading has been on a decline, between a drop in interesting newspaper strips, too many “dinosaur” strips still being … Read moreComic strips and webcomics I’m reading (fall 2015)

“Bloom County” is back as a webcomic

Oliver Wendell Jones

“Bloom County” is Berkeley Breathed’s classic 1980s comic strip that satirized that decade’s social and political culture, in a hilarious manner. However, since Breathed ended its run at the decade’s end, it’s also partially become a period piece. His subsequent strips, the 90s’ “Outland” and 2000s’ “Opus,” weren’t as well received, and folded with little fanfare. Now, … Read more“Bloom County” is back as a webcomic

Comics I’ve been reading lately (January 2015)

Batman '66 TV Stories TPB

I thought I’d give an update on a few posts from a few years ago, and look at what I’m reading these days for monthly comic books and comic strips. Between cancellations, changing interests, and trying to wait for the trade paperbacks on various books, this lists looks different than a few years ago. I … Read moreComics I’ve been reading lately (January 2015)