Comic review: Static Shock #3

iPad and newspaper

Updated on February 26, 2023

Static Shock #3

Written by: Scott McDaniel and John Rozum
Art by: Scott McDaniel

The third issue of Static’s new title wraps up the initial “introductions” for this reboot-title.

We start off with Static facing off against Virule (the “living virus”) and the other villains from the previous issue. Static escapes, and heads for home, where we see more of the unexplained cloning situation with Virgil’s sister(s) Sharon. Meanwhile, Virule discovers that Static’s power somehow lets him replicate (being a living virus and all), resulting in Virule now eager to get Static’s power. Virgil later tracks down and finds the villains’ hideout, and encounters one of their members. Meeting some of the rest of the gang later (along with Virule again), Static defeats Virule, while the others escape (“for now,” of course). The issue closes with the next-issue caption promising what I assume is one of Static’s old foes returning.

An OK issue, though I’m hoping we get to see Sharon’s situation expanded upon more in future issues. I’m also hoping to see more of Hardware, who isn’t mention or seen here.

Favorite parts: the henchwomen monitoring their headquarters/the financial aspects of their operation, while rattling off some of the fake-DCU versions of familiar online brand names: “Facespace” (Facebook/MySpace), “Twitterati” (Twitter), “Shuttr” (Flickr), “YouSpace” (YouTube), “Meta-Wiki” (Wikipedia?). Not sure what “the Hive” or “Mobee Pic” would be; Google Buzz (which has been mercy-killed in favor of Google+) and TwitPic respectively?

There’s also the “Q-Pad” (iPad), which later appears when Static briefly forces one of the henchwomen up to the rooftop for a “meeting.” Though the artwork makes the “Q-Pad” looks more like the ill-fated HP TouchPad…

Least favorite part: more of the Pale Man, who’s apparently taking Joker venom or something. The less mention of the Joker in this book (as in “zero”), the better in my opinion.



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