Cartoons at the box office: “The LEGO Movie” wipes out “Pompeii”

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Updated on December 10, 2021

The Lego MovieOnce again, “The Lego Movie” reigns supreme at the box office, keeping the top spot with a take this weekend of $31.5 million, for a total take so far of $183.2 million. “Lego” also managed to easily fend off the newcomers to the box office, “3 Days to Kill” (making $12 million) and “Pompeii” ($10 million). I assume “Pompeii” will do better overseas or on video. From next week’s competition (see below), I assume “Lego” has a strong chance of staying #1 next weekend, as well.

Meanwhile, “Robocop” came in fourth place, with $9.4 million for a total of $43.6 million. Still almost half of what it cost to produce ($100 million), but it’s doing well overseas. “About Last Night” has really fallen off, probably from Valentine’s Day being over, but it’s still a successful film, earning $7.4 this weekend (and $38.2 million to date).

“Frozen” is still in eighth place, earning $4.4 million for a total to date of $384.1 million.

Next week sees a few new films, most prominently an R-rated, re-edited version of “Anchorman 2” (with 95% new material according to Forbes) getting a limited release. A strange move, but I guess Paramount must really think it’ll rake in some money before both versions of “Anchorman 2” come out on DVD April 1 (a little over a month from now).


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