Anthony’s trade paperback picks for October 2012

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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

Kevin KellerHere’s trade paperbacks of interest coming out in October 2012.


  • Showcase Presents: World’s Finest, vol. 4, on sale Nov. 21, $20


  • Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale, on sale Oct. 31, $12


  • Archie: Best of Dan DeCarlo, vol. 4, on sale Oct. 30, $25 (hardcover)

Boom Studios

  • It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown!, on sale Nov. 6, $14

Comic strips

All comic strip compilation information from

  • AAAA! A FoxTrot Assortment for Young Readers, on sale Oct. 2, $10
  • BONK! A Mutts Treasury, on sale Oct. 9, $20


Boom Studios releases this month a “Peanuts” special paperback featuring the gang going to Japan to play in a special baseball game (which I’m sure will go completely well for “Chuck”).

This month’s “Showcase” is “World’s Finest” volume 4, which is now reaching the late 60s’ books…

Kevin Keller is now receiving a second trade paperback, which (by my guess) is collecting the first several issues of his solo series. Over at IDW, legendary Archie artist Dan DeCarlo is also receiving a fourth hardcover volume collecting highlights of his work.

The onomatopoeically-named comic strip compilations this month features a selection of FoxTrot strips (presumably ones not referencing some now-dated pop culture element), plus another “Mutts” treasury.

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