Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for October 2011

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Superman #2Here’s what’s coming out for the new-and-rebooted DCNU (I refuse to type “DCnU”) for October 2011:

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Mister Terrific #2, on sale Oct. 12, $3
  • Action Comics #2, on sale Oct. 5, $4
  • Superman #2, on sale Oct. 26, $3
  • Static Shock #2, on sale Oct. 5, $3
  • The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #12, on sale Oct. 12, $3
  • Tiny Titans #45, on sale Oct. 19, $3

Comics I might buy



The second issues of the newly-rebooted DCU seems to show… a lot more of the same. More ultra-violent-sounding stuff, such as that Aquaman story description—“not for the squeamish”? Doesn’t sound like a way to rope in the “new readers” you’re hoping to attract to a non-horror title. And given DC’s the same company that thinks rape is a suitable subject to base a JLA storyline on, I’d hate to see what they think of as “not for the squeamish”…

A fight between Batman and Superman for the second issue of “Justice League?” Along with one between Superman and Supergirl in “Supergirl?!” Meh. Something tells me other than the titles I picked above/for September, the new DCU sounds a lot like the old one, at least in terms of my personal interest levels. I also wonder how long the new readers will stay interested, though at least DC’s staying away from crossovers for now…

Mister Terrific sounds interesting (and fun), as does Static.

Over in Johnny DC, this month’s “Tiny Titans” is an all-Batgirl issue. Meanwhile, Batman:TBATB sees Zatanna and Bats visit the House of Mystery (DC’s old 70s horror title).

This month’s “Showcase” volume is volume 5 of “Batman,” now in the 70s.

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