Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for December 2011

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Rounding out the year, here’s what’s coming out from DC for the holiday season:

Comics I will buy

  • Justice League #4, on sale Dec. 21, $4
  • Mister Terrific #4, on sale Dec. 14, $3
  • Action Comics #4, on sale Dec. 7, $4
  • Superman #4, on sale Dec. 28, $3
  • Static Shock #4, on sale Dec. 7, $3
  • The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #14, on sale Dec. 14, $3
  • Tiny Titans #47, on sale Dec. 21, $3

Comics I might buy



The reboot keeps rolling along, though by this point in time, I wonder how many of the “new readers” will still be on board, or even remember to come back…or if they’ve opted to spend their $3-$4 on something else besides a decompressed-storyline comic.

Speaking of decompressed storytelling, this month’s “Justice League” looks like it’s giving Aquaman a splashy appearance (pun intended). Though wonder if we’re getting more “angry Aquaman” (aka “Namor-Lite”) in this rebooted-reality… I hope not!

Superman is still wearing his “Lil’ Abner” costume in “Action.” Goody. Of bigger interest, however, is the revelation that Steel (aka John Henry Irons) is appearing in this title! Hopefully he’ll be distinguished from fellow African-American-with-a-high-tech-battlesuit Hardware over in “Static Shock.”

Meanwhile, Mister Terrific looks like he’s fighting a giant alien flea (or something) in his own title. While they had me at “giant alien flea,” I’d think the story would be interesting/fun enough on its own, without the “personal demons that haunt him” bit…

On the Johnny DC side of things, we get a Hanukkah story in this month’s “Brave and the Bold,” guest-starring Ragman (hmm, maybe he’ll be a future “minorities in comics and animation” subject…). “Looney Tunes” sees Bugs meet once more with the Abominable Snowman. (Guess the title’s not canceled, as I’d feared.) “Tiny Titans” features the infant members of the group (Aquababy, Kid Devil, etc.).

This month’s “Showcase” features a collection of the Spectre’s stand-alone stories from the Silver and Bronze Ages.


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