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Anthony’s picks for Archie for April 2012

Archie #632Here’s what’s of interest from Archie for April 2012. Full solicitations are here.

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Archie #632, on sale Apr. 25, $3
  • Jinx TPB (softcover), on sale Apr. 4, $10
  • Life With Archie #19, on sale May 2, $4

Comics I might buy

  • Betty & Veronica Double Digest #201, on sale May 9, $4


The “Archie marries Valerie” story continues this month. Apparently Memory Lane (as seen in Archie comics over the past several years, including in “Life With Archie”) is getting used for this one, as well…

A trade paperback of “Jinx” is out this month, at a cheaper price than the hardcover version.

“Betty & Veronica Double Digest” this month features Archie, Reggie, and Kevin on the cover, plus an unfamiliar (to me) African-American youth. Chuck with a makeover? Kevin’s new boyfriend? One of the “new kids” at Riverdale High? The latter two combined?

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