Anthony’s picks for miscellaneous comics for April 2012

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Updated on March 21, 2023

Popeye #1
“Popeye” #1. Art by Bruce Ozella. (IDW)

Here’s whats of interest from various comic companies for April 2012. Missing information will be added as I get more info.


Full solicitations:

  • Popeye #1, on sale April 18, $4


  • Reed Gunther #10, on sale Apr. 18, $3
  • Supreme #63, on sale Apr. 4, $3

Boom Studios

Full solicitations:

  • None.


Alan Moore’s Superman pastiche/homage “Supreme” is coming back. I liked the trade paperback collection I checked out from the library well enough to give this one a go…

A new Popeye comic is being released, being done in the same tone as the classic Popeye comic strips.


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