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Updated on December 10, 2021

Batman '66 #1Here’s what’s of interest from DC Comics for July 2013. Full solicitations are available here.


  • Adventures of Superman #3, on sale July 31, $4 (digital-first)
  • Batman ’66 #1, on sale July 31, $4 (digital-first)
  • Astro City #2, on sale July 10, $4

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Both Superman titles (as a result of DC Comics’ musical-chairs with their writers) are now being written by Scott Lobdell. Yep, the same one that did this to Starfire. Yeesh…

I notice the “Green Team” comic (which outlasted its Bronze Age predecessor as of issue #2) mentions “teen trillionaires.” I suppose it’s to make them sound impressive/one-up even Bruce Wayne by a factor of a thousand. Of course, they all look like paupers compared to comics’ wealthiest person, Scrooge McDuck.

This month sees the final issue of the “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” spinoff comic. No doubt this clears the stage for a “Beware the Batman” spinoff title.

“Batman ’66” #1 is a new digital-only title (but will be released in paper versions) featuring stories set in the world of the 60s live-action “Batman” TV series. The solicitations even promise to introduce more modern Bat-foes into the setting, such as Killer Croc (who first appeared in 1983). Sounds fun! One oddity: despite the tone of its source material, it carries the “T” rating like every other non-kid-specific comic DC releases. Of course, this calls into question the usefulness/point of such ratings at all, or the generally-grim tone of DC’s output.



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