700 free Marvel Comics from Comixology, take two

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

ComixologyComixology’s “700 free Marvel #1’s” comic promotion brought its service to its knees some time ago, forcing them to bail out on the offer. The fiasco also pointed out the flaws in Comixology’s DRM/cloud-based model. (This would’ve been one situation where torrenting would actually have a legit/useful purpose…)

Now they’re trying the offer again, in a more organized manner. Until midnight EST tonight (11 PM Central Time), the promo’s available, but only by signing up at a special Comixology page (http://promo.comixology.com). Comixology will then email you a special link, good for accessing/downloading the comics within 48 hours of receiving said link.

We’ll see if this goes better; I assume they’ve leased out extra server space for the 48-hour period.

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