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Updated on November 15, 2022

Last year, I wrote about my 10 favorite comics for 2017. Said comics include webcomics, graphic novels, and comic books. Given it’s the end of 2018, I thought I’d do the same for this year. So, here’s 10 of my favorite comics for 2018. While some are the same as from last year, I’ve tried adding some different entries.

1. Lumberjanes

Another enjoyable year of the adventures of a group of girls at a strange, supernatural-laden summer camp.

This year saw an original graphic novel, “The Infernal Compass,” released. It focuses on the relationship between Molly and Mal, plus the virtues of friendship.

2. The Backstagers

The Backstagers Valentine Day special
“The Backstagers: Valentine’s Intermission.” Art by Rian Sygh. (Boom! Studios)

“The Backstagers” is similar in tone to “Lumberjanes.” The series features an all-boys’ high school’s drama club dealing with odd, supernatural goings-on backstage.

This year saw two “Backstagers” specials released, one for Valentine’s Day, and another for Halloween.

3. Scooby-Doo Team-Up

"Scooby-Doo Team-Up" #39
“Scooby-Doo Team-Up” #39. Art by Dario Brizuela. (DC Comics)

“Scooby-Doo Team-Up” is a series that features team-ups between the Mystery, Inc. gang and characters from either the DC Universe or a fellow Hanna-Barbera series.

My favorite of the team-up comics for 2018 was the one with the 1940s-era Justice Society. It’s also probably the only “Scooby-Doo” story I can think of that touches on discrimination and sexism.

4. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

“Squirrel Girl”‘s become one of my favorite superhero comics. This year saw the departure of longtime artist Erica Henderson from the series, though she’ll still do covers.

5. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl‘s book is still an enjoyable series. It also makes good use of Devil Dinosaur, a character that until this series seemed mostly consigned to trademark-renewal-minded appearances.

6. Questionable Content

I’ve also written before about Jeph Jacques’ long-running webcomic, which features a cast of various characters (both human and robot).

My favorite characters in the webcomic include Brun, Faye, and Bubbles. 2018 saw a lot of developments for the latter two.

7. Dinosaur Comics

While the art is exactly the same in each day’s “Dinosaur Comics,” the dialogue in each strip is original, and often hilarious.

8. AJ & Magnus

AJ & Magnus: Best Family Ever
“AJ & Magnus: Best Family Ever.” Art by Simon Steel.

“AJ & Magnus” is “Calvin and Hobbes” if Calvin had a large dog he could converse with (instead of a stuffed toy tiger), plus two fathers, “Dad” and “Pop.”

Early in 2018 saw a storyline about how AJ came into Dad and Pop’s lives, plus what they were like when they were younger.

9. The Joy of Tech

“The Joy of Tech” is a webcomic by “Nitrozac” and “Snaggy.” The strip satirizes aspects of modern technology and the tech industry. As this year’s events show, they’ve not been lacking in material—the antics involving Facebook alone have been a gold mine.

10. FoxTrot

“FoxTrot” is the long-running Sunday strip (formerly also daily until the mid-2000s) by Bill Amend. The strip features a typical sitcom-style family (bumbling father, etc.) and their youngest child, the very geeky Jason.

Honorable mentions


That wraps up my look at my favorite comics for 2018. Do you enjoy reading any of these comics?

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