Wonder Woman’s first secondary comic in 60 years as… “Superman’s Girlfriend.” Plus: Justice League (Science Theater) 3000!

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Updated on December 10, 2021

DC Comics Presents #32
“DC Comics Presents” #32 (April 1981). Art by Ross Andru.

Two DC Comics-related announcements came today…

The first is that Wonder Woman will be receiving her first secondary ongoing comic in 60 years. Unfortunately, it’s not a revival of her Golden Age secondary comic “Sensation Comics,” but… the new, generically-titled ongoing series “Superman/Wonder Woman.” Which is mostly being pitched under the premise of their ill-conceived Clark/Diana relationship (which doesn’t seem to be affecting sales much). To quote IGN’s article:

The two hooked up for the first time last year, but now DC has revealed an all-new ongoing series — aptly titled Superman/Wonder Woman — that will serve to explore the budding relationship between the DCU’s most powerful heroes.

Besides my previously stated reasons why a Clark-Diana relationship’s a lousy idea, I’d like to know what happens to this comic once the relationship inevitably ends. Will DC continue it as “the adventures of Clark and Diana, crime-fighting JLAers?” Retitle it “Sensation Comics” or “(Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend) Steve Trevor” and continue it as a Wonder Woman-specific ongoing title? Or will they just cancel it outright and make room for Yet Another Comic Featuring Batman Somehow? Somehow suspect that last option isn’t too far off.

Speaking of more mass quantities of the Bat, the cancelled Legion of Super-Heroes comic will be replaced by “Justice League 3000,” the adventures of a 31st century version of the JLA, consisting of futuristic versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash. Apparently the adventures of super-powered people living in the far-future, who already have a connection to the present via Superboy/Superman, isn’t sufficient enough on its own unless the “JLA” name is attached. The fact they didn’t bother trying to set it in a different time-era from the Legion’s, as was the case for the future-JLA from the 90s’ “DC One Million,” also sticks out. While I’m not a huge Legion follower, I’d imagine any Legionnaire fans are probably annoyed by this.

EDIT (6/18/13): While I was busy noting the lack of diversity in material being published, I forgot to note as well the lack of diversity in the team itself. Despite being set a thousand years in the future, the initial pictures released so far look like the traditional present-day JLA roster (almost all Caucasian, one woman). Given predicted real-world 21st century population trends, etc., I’d think a JLA in the year 3000 would be quite diverse. And yes, there should be more than one woman on the team. Since it’s not published yet, imagine there’s still time to change up things. Simply making half the team male and the other half female, and also half the team a visible person of color would be a way to add diversity. It’d also make the book more appealing to real-world readership, assuming DC’s still remotely interested in attracting new, diverse readers and not just lapsed existing fans…


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