Week three with the Mac Mini: Howler Timer tryout

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Howler TimerWeek three with the Mac Mini went along well enough. With all the major software set up, there wasn’t as much happening as during week two. The Thanksgiving holiday also meant not spending much time with the Mini this week, with my being away from home visiting my family.

One addition to the Mac last week was adding the app “Howler Timer,” a timer that allows one to set an amount of hours, minutes, and/or seconds to count down towards. A beep noise (either the OS X default or a custom noise) may be set. The free version only offers one pre-set timer; the pay version (for $1) offers multiple timer presets, along with other features. Both the free and pay versions also offer converting between Fahrenheit and Celsius and converting between Imperial and metric weights/volumes.

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