Week six with the Mac Mini: System updates

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

OS X system updatesIt’s week six with the Mac Mini. However, I don’t have much new to report on, aside from system updates.

One system update in particular might be of interest—an update that prevents the screen from flickering. It’s an issue that’s come up with the new 2012 Mac Minis running Mountain Lion, including mine. The issue: the monitor will occasionally go to black for a few seconds, then resume displaying normally. At worst, the Mac Mini would also sometimes forget its connection to the monitor, resulting in a blank screen. The firmware update fixes these issues, and so far, seems to be working just fine. The updates can be accessed via Software Update (under the Apple Menu).

Since this series of posts is getting some interest, I might make this a recurring blog feature, though probably under a different name—“Week 78 with the Mac Mini” would look odd!


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