Top 10 comics posts for 2015

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Updated on June 14, 2022

Here’s a look at the top 10 most popular comics blog posts I wrote in 2015, according to Google Analytics figures up through December 29.

  1. Where does Supergirl live?
  2. Minorities in cartoons: Fire (DC Comics)
  3. DC Comics raises its newsstand books to $5
  4. DC Comics’ post-“Convergence” lineup revealed: The New 52 branding’s dead (sort of)
  5. “Supergirl” is coming to CBS
  6. Minorities in cartoons: Apollo and Midnighter
  7. What should a diverse Justice League of America look like?
  8. Women and children top 2014’s bookstore comic sales
  9. Minorities in cartoons: Oliver Wendell Jones
  10. How to fix the comics industry’s harassment and diversity problems?

The most popular post is my trivia one about the various locations Supergirl’s lived over the decades. Of course, the “Supergirl” TV show debuting on CBS this fall (which is #5 on the list) also helped.

Other entries include several minorities in cartoons entries, a price hike on DC’s newsstand comics, a few posts on increasing diversity in comics, and a post about 2014’s comic sales. Of course, I expect diversity in comics and the price of single-issue “floppy” comics to remain issues in 2016.


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