Top 10 tech posts for 2015

Roku Streaming Stick

Finishing up my “year in review” series of blog posts, here’s a look at the top 10 tech posts written in 2015.

My previous posts about the Roku streaming devices have seemed popular, so not surprised to see this one top the list. Also popular are discussions of digital comics and Comixology, streaming video services, and writing about my experiences with a Chromebook. As usual, offering tech tips and setup guides are also well liked.

Top 10 comics posts for 2015

Comic books

Here’s a look at the top 10 most popular comics blog posts I wrote in 2015, according to Google Analytics figures up through December 29.

The most popular post is my trivia one about the various locations Supergirl’s lived over the decades. Of course, the “Supergirl” TV show debuting on CBS this fall (which is #5 on the list) also helped.

Top 10 2010s TV cartoon theme songs

Steven Universe cast

Rounding out my decade-by-decade top TV cartoon theme songs lists, here’s my choices of the top ten theme songs for the 2010s so far. Since as of this writing, six years (or … Read moreTop 10 2010s TV cartoon theme songs