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MacBook, coffee mug, and cactus

Top 10 blog posts for 2013

Updated on June 14, 2022

Yes, it’s time for the obligatory year in review post… and what better way than to just look back at the ten most popular posts on the blog for 2013? So, here we go…

Top 10 posts for 2013


Out of the top ten, half are Linux-related, while the others focus mostly on animation. I gather “Peg + Cat” and “Garfield” are pretty popular.

Only two comics related posts: an older one about the Nook’s support for CBZ files; and my original post about digital comics alternatives to Comixology. I’m not sure how useful the Nook post is by this point, given the vast improvements in Nook comics support since I wrote it, but nice if someone still finds it useful.

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