Thrillbent now offering DRM-free digital comics for sale

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Mark Waid’s digital comics website Thrillbent is now offering DRM-free PDFs of digital comics for sale.

While the site’s always had DRM-free CBZs available (and that’ll continue), the site will now offer versions of its comics for sale. The comics for sale will offer “exclusive bonus content,” including clickable URLs, extra artwork, and so forth. CBZs wouldn’t easily offer clickable URLs, which might explain why they went with PDF as a file format. Among the comics offered are Aw Yeah Comics (from Art Baltazar and Franco of DC’s “Superman Family Adventures” fame), as the initial title in a prospective future line of kid-friendly comics.

Hopefully Thrillbent will attract more customers, as well as expand its offerings (for both kids and adults). DRM-free comics, of course, are a good thing, which Image’s also recently realized.

Thrillbent’s full announcement of the store is here.

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