Tentative cover to Kevin Keller’s upcoming miniseries online

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Updated on December 10, 2021

As NPR’s “Monkey See” blog noted today, new gay Archie Comics character Kevin Keller now has a logo (no relation to the US’ LGBT-oriented cable channel), for the (presumably tentative) cover to his upcoming miniseries due out later this year.

Nice to see the miniseries is still on track, and that Kevin will (for now) stick around. Kevin’s most recent appearance was a brief cameo in “Veronica” #204. Given his appearances to date have all been in her comic (as well as the logo in the Facebook link reading “Veronica presents”), wonder if they plan on keeping him as a supporting/recurring character in Veronica’s comic (much as Jughead has Ethel and Hot Dog as supporting characters in his comic, though they appear in other stories as well).


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