Tech thoughts: LinkedIn privacy issues

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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week, I learned that career-oriented social network LinkedIn has made a few questionable changes involving sharing of user information. Particularly, they’ve set up an “opt-out” sharing scheme with advertisers to link some user information to various ads. There’s more on this, including the less-than-straightforward way to opt out, here:

Seriously, not a good business strategy. I thought LinkedIn, being a professional-oriented social network, would be more careful about things like this. This is more what I’d expect of the likes of Facebook.

I’m not ready to ditch my LinkedIn profile yet (despite having a paltry six connections), but wonder if Google+ will be useful for work-related purposes once it’s publicly available. Though I think there’s potential privacy issues with Google+ as well, given the vast amount of services Google offers…


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