“DuckTales” reboot still coming to Disney XD in 2017

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It looks like news about the previously announced “DuckTales” revival is coming along faster than expected. Last week, Disney released this publicity shot of the new series: This answers a few questions. It will be a 2D animated series, not CGI. The artwork has a bit of a resemblance to the current series of (well done) Mickey Mouse … Read more

Donald Trump in cartoons

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Donald Trump, 1980s business and pop cultural icon, for some reason’s managed to linger in the public pop cultural landscape since that decade. Mostly helped by his 2000s reality show “The Apprentice,” Trump’s managed a large comeback in recent years, all of which has led to Trump becoming the Republicans’ candidate for president in the 2016 election. … Read more

Top 10 1980s TV cartoon theme songs

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The 1980s saw an explosion in the amount of animated programming produced, thanks to the rise of first-run syndication. As such, the decade saw a lot of changes in animation. The 80s started off with some 70s-style holdovers early on. The mid-decade saw the rise to dominance of some of the 1980s’ signature programs (“The Smurfs,” programs … Read more

“DuckTales” is being revived for Disney XD in 2017

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The classic 1987 animated series “DuckTales” is coming back to TV in a revival (or reboot). Disney’s announced a new “DuckTales” series will be produced for Disney XD, and will debut sometime in 2017. “DuckTales” was a turning point for TV animation, and in my opinion, the TV cartoon that helped spark the modern era of … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Marvel for December 2010, Boom! Studios for November 2010

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Here’s my selections for what’s on tap from Marvel Comics for December 2010 and Boom! Studios for November 2010 (December listings for Boom! were unavailable). Marvel What I’ll be buying: Super Hero Squad #12, on sale Dec. 2010, $3 What I’ll consider buying: Spider-Man (Marvel Adventures) #9, on sale Dec. 2010, $3 Super Heroes (Marvel … Read more