“DuckTales” reboot still coming to Disney XD in 2017

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

It looks like news about the previously announced “DuckTales” revival is coming along faster than expected. Last week, Disney released this publicity shot of the new series:

DuckTales 2017 reboot
“DuckTales” (2017 reboot). (Disney)

This answers a few questions. It will be a 2D animated series, not CGI. The artwork has a bit of a resemblance to the current series of (well done) Mickey Mouse shorts. I wonder if there’ll be one possible cue from the short-lived 90s series “Quack Pack” (where the nephews got different looks/wardrobes)? Louie (the green-clothed nephew in all Disney works since “DuckTales”; if wondering, Huey’s in red, Dewey’s in blue) is wearing what looks like a long-sleeved hoodie, though it might just be his arm/the art style.

Webby also looks slightly older here than she did in the 80s series. I assume she’ll get to participate more in the adventures? Speaking of participating, yes, Donald’s on board here. I assume Launchpad (back from St. Canard?) and perhaps Gizmoduck will also pop up.

I assume we’ll hear more as 2017 approaches. Meanwhile, it’d be nice to see Disney release that fourth and final “DuckTales” DVD box set…

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