Educational cartoons about money

American currency

Money’s a fundamental driving point of many cartoons, from supervillains robbing banks to characters worrying about their livelihoods. However, some educational fare over the years has been used to tutor and inform the public about economics. This has ranged from the importance of paying taxes to entire countries’ currency undergoing a fundamental change. Here’s a look at some … Read more

Leap Day in cartoons

For the Man Who Has Everything

2016 brings upon us that quadrennial event, the leap year. Upon some research, it doesn’t seem to be a day that gets much mention in comics or animation, but I thought I’d list what I could find, anyway. Superman The famed superhero’s been given various birthdays over the years, but February 29 is the most frequently … Read more

Anthony’s eight favorite YouTube channels

How It Should Have Ended

(An updated version of this post is available here.) Like others, I have a few favorite YouTube channels I enjoy following. While they’re admittedly low on cute cats, they’re all still entertaining and/or educational. CGP Grey CGP Grey is a channel offering several minute long videos explaining various subjects, ranging from why the US … Read more

Obama urges the FCC to protect net neutrality, regulate the Internet as a utility

President Obama

The other day, President Obama stated in a short video that the FCC should regulate the Internet as a utility. While Obama can’t personally do much at this point on this issue (especially with Republican control of Congress), this hasn’t stopped conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas from comparing net neutrality to the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.” To … Read more