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Last updated on March 19th, 2023

A lot’s changed in the podcast world—and what I listen to—since I last wrote about some of my favorite podcasts a year ago. Here’s an updated listing my favorite geeky podcasts of 2018.

Unsurprisingly, my list of geeky podcasts for 2018 (or any year) wouldn’t be complete without tech related ones. However, I also list ones related to game shows, blogging, culture, and news.


This Week in Tech (TWiT)

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This Week in Tech is a long-running (and at two hours per episode, fairly lengthy) podcast discussing the previous week’s worth of tech news.

This Week in Google

This Week in Google’s a weekly companion podcast to TWiT above, focusing on Google-related news. Like its sibling program, “This Week in Google” is also fairly long.

TWiT Bits

For those who just want only certain stories, I’d recommend TWiT Bits. It’s a daily podcast that splits the TWiT stories (and the other TwiT-related podcasts’ stories) into several minute-long episodes.

Android Central

On the non-TWiT side of things, the owners of the Android Central website run their own podcast.

The Vergecast

The Verge also runs their own podcast. The Vergecast serves as a weekly tech roundup, discussing whatever big tech news is happening (product releases, new iPhones, etc.).

Game shows

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

NPR’s funny, long-running panel quiz show airs every Saturday, covering the week’s major events. The show also features celebrity panelists for one quiz segment, “Not My Job.”

Ask Me Another

Another NPR quiz show, this one centers around pop culture trivia.



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Photo by Gounder (Pixabay / CC0

This podcast comes from the owner of the ProBlogger blog. It discusses various tips for bloggers looking to improve their blogs.


Planet Money

NPR offers several times a week “Planet Money,” a program covering economics. The topics are usually current, though historical topics get covered as well. One episode covered why Coca-Cola stayed a nickel a bottle for decades.

On the Media

A weekly public radio program discussing the media, and its impact on journalism, politics, and culture.

Society and culture

Revision Path

Black woman on a MacBook
Photo by WOCinTech Chat (Flickr / CC BY / cropped from original)

This design podcast features interviews with a variety of Black graphic designers, web developers, and other digital creators.

Code Switch

Code Switch is an NPR podcast that focuses on American society’s treatment of minorities. Given the current state of American politics, it’s safe to say they’ve had plenty of material over the last year.


Cortex is a podcast by YouTube video blogger CGP Grey. Similar to his videos, Cortex discusses various subjects, though they’re more inclusive of what’s happening in his life.


That sums up my list of favorite geeky podcasts of 2018. As this list will likely change, I’ll take another look at my favorite podcasts in 2019.

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